January 18, 2005

A season of Singleness- Krissy's Story

By Leslie Ludy from Authentic Girl

In our book, When God Writes Your Love Story, I introduced our readers to Krissy, Eric’s older sister. Krissy made a decision to wait faithfully for her future husband when she was around the age of 12. And she never wavered in that decision. As she was growing up, Krissy lived a truly set-apart life, both for Christ and for her future spouse. Many times she was mocked by people who did not understand the decisions she made. But she stayed focused on honoring Christ, no matter what the cost. Throughout her young adult life, Krissy joyfully poured herself into serving Christ as a missionary both overseas and in the U.S. As Krissy approached her thirties, she still had never been in a romantic relationship. She had always dreamed of being married and starting a family, but the older she got, the more she wondered if that dream would ever be fulfilled. Even though there were many times she felt discouraged, Krissy remained passionately in love with her Prince, Jesus Christ. She didn’t put her life on hold simply because she hadn’t yet met her future husband. She gave herself to serve others, and lived a radiant, peaceful, vibrant life – content with where God had her. One day, someone asked Krissy if she felt she was “called” to singleness. After a moment of thought, Krissy replied, “Today I am.” Today I am. That is a profound response. Krissy didn’t see her singleness as an unending hill to climb. She allowed God to lead her through the journey one day at a time. As a result, she discovered a joy in her singleness that few singles ever realize they can find.
Many girls have asked me over the past few years what ever happened to Krissy. Did she ever get married? Did God fulfill her desire for a family? You may be encouraged to know that the ending to Krissy’s story is just as beautiful as the beginning was. When Krissy was 34, God brought Scott into her life – a godly 37-year-old who had been waiting faithfully, all his life, for his future bride. Two and a half years ago, they were married. The ceremony was incredible. As Krissy walked down the aisle that day, God’s smile was so evident, His gentle presence engulfing the entire room. She had honored Him – and now He was honoring her. No one in the room could hold back the tears – including Eric, who was crying so hard that his face was contorting! That wedding was such a picture of God’s perfect faithfulness. Krissy and Scott have a beautiful, Christ-centered marriage. They have an adorable little daughter, and another baby on the way! Throughout the seasons of her life, Krissy has shined with the radiance of a life that has found its’ completeness in Jesus Christ.
If you are in a season of singleness and are struggling with discouragement or impatience, remember this: When we, like Krissy, are willing to allow God to use each season of our lives for His purposes, we discover an incredible truth: Singleness doesn’t have to be a time of passive and futile waiting. Instead it can be an exciting adventure of active preparation for marriage and deepening our romance with Jesus Christ. Remember not to build your future marriage up in your mind as the time in your life when “everything will be perfect.” Allow Jesus Christ to become your everything - your complete source of security, identity, and confidence. And when a God-written earthly romance does come along, it will only enhance the most important romance of all time – your relationship with Jesus Christ. When you wonder whether God has called you to singleness for the rest of your life, remember Krissy’s words “today I am”. Your Prince will be faithful to give you the grace to do what He has called you to – one day at a time


Davina said...

hey, Sarahi...that is just so inspiring for me. I'm sure that many girls feel the same way. It's like God reminding me that He will honor those who honor Him. Thanks...you're an inspiration!!!!!

ashish said...

that's an amazing story...it's amazing how God works!!

Abelid Sarahi said...

Hey Davina,

I've actually felt that way before. But lately I've had a lot of peace in my heart. I know that the Lord has a prince for me here on earth, and that at His time, not mine, He'll bring him into my life. The point of it all is just to wait on Him and truly trust Him with our "love story."